Demodé, is a high class, stylish trio of award winning performers from around the world. Drawing inspirations from all corners of the globe, from Hollywood glam to that 50’s European dolce vita, they have developed an exuberant repertoire of hit songs from the ’20’s through to the hits of the present day.

The repertoire hails from around the world, with songs in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and even a bit of Japanese thrown in for good measure. All staged & choreographed with the utmost finesse, Demodé are great as your main feature or have them complete the atmosphere of the perfect cocktail hour, from international corporate events to the more intimate private affairs – this is jazz with a twist, and swing with a jive!

Gus Bembery Master Teacher & Choreographer

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I’ve been teaching in L.A. and around the world for the past 20 years. I began teaching in Boston as the first hip hop instructor in the city back in 1991 and then at The Edge in Hollywood when I first arrived in California in 1993. I moved on to teach in the other major studios in L.A.: Millenium, and Debbie Reynolds. My name spread and soon people were traveling overseas to take my dance classes . My first invitation abroad was to Italy, and then to Japan, and soon I was flying around the world, teaching at all the major cities on the planet:

L.A.: Edge, Debbie Reynolds, Millenium
New York: Broadway Dance Center
Tokyo: BDC
Osaka: Studio Ash
London: Pineapple, Studio 68
Paris: Harmonic, Juste Debout
Rome: IALS
Milan: MAS
Stockholm: HOS
Zurich: Backstage, Colombo Dance Factory
Basel: NDC

I’ve taught in every country in Europe and Scandinavia. Also, Russia, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, all over Japan, Canada and the United States.

I’ve performed with Shakira at the Grammy Awards, and danced and worked with some of the best dancers / teachers / performers / choreographers on the planet: Jamie King (Janet Jackson), Tabitha and Napoleon (Jennifer Lopez), Sean Evaristo (Justin Bieber), Alex Magno (Madonna). After performing for a short while I decided that teaching was and is my true love. Basically I travel the world and share my love for dance.