Albert Sala Choreographer

Choreographer Albert Sala


Spanish choreographer of European scope, had worked for Spanish, French and English television.

He has choreographed both for television shows such as Factor X, Dancing with the Stars and So you think you can dance, as well as covering the field of cinema, choreographing for Disney Channel youth series and working on movies with Hollywood actors alongside directors of Goya as Rodrigo Cortés.

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Edel Mirzojeva Choreographer

Edel Mirzojeva


Edel Mirzojeva, started her artistic career at the age of 4 at the prestigious Institute of old Soviet Union “Performing Arts Academy “TODES” in her country of birth, Latvia, and years later she finished her studies in Barcelona, at “IAB Institute of Arts”. With important stage experience behind as a dancer and actress, Edel started to assist entities and companies as a choreographer or event organizer, where she develops and introduces all artistic direction, creativity, and originality.

She is also taking part as a Social Media content creator, where she shows different artistic works through professional videos, such as short films, group choreographies, videoclips, etc directed or created by her. When we ask Edel about her personal work statement she said :  “Versatility and capacity to adapt allow us to break the rules”.

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Gus Bembery Master Teacher & Choreographer

Choreographer Gus Bembery
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I’ve been teaching in L.A. and around the world for the past 20 years. I began teaching in Boston as the first hip hop instructor in the city back in 1991 and then at The Edge in Hollywood when I first arrived in California in 1993.

I moved on to teach in the other major studios in L.A.: Millenium, and Debbie Reynolds. My name spread and soon people were traveling overseas to take my dance classes . My first invitation abroad was to Italy, and then to Japan, and soon I was flying around the world, teaching at all the major cities on the planet:

L.A.: Edge, Debbie Reynolds, Millenium / New York: Broadway Dance Center / Tokyo: BDC / Osaka: Studio Ash / London: Pineapple, Studio 68 / Paris: Harmonic, Juste Debout / Rome: IALS Milan: MAS Stockholm: HOS / Zurich: Backstage, Colombo Dance Factory / Basel: NDC

I’ve taught in every country in Europe and Scandinavia. Also, Russia, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, all over Japan, Canada and the United States.

I’ve performed with Shakira at the Grammy Awards, and danced and worked with some of the world’s best dancers / teachers / performers / choreographers: Jamie King (Janet Jackson), Tabitha and Napoleon (Jennifer Lopez), Sean Evaristo (Justin Bieber), Alex Magno (Madonna). After performing for a short while I decided that teaching was and is my true love. Basically I travel the world and share my love for dance.

Ariadna Peya Choreographer

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My name is Ariadna and I’m passionate about movement and creation. Being  deeply inspired by diversity of forms of body expression, made me grow the necessity to learn different dance styles and travel in order to know how people move around the world.

Through years of exploration I have developed my own dance style that fuses specially contemporary with urban styles. As based on creativity it is very powerful, expressive, sensitive and got a personal touch

As an artist, having my roots in life performance, I’ve been working a lot as a choreographer for live shows, specially musical theatre. I have my own company that fuses live music and movement. I also find in audiovisuals an exciting path to express my work. That’s the reason why I’ve been choreographing for videoclips by different artists, short-films, and TV performances.

As a consequence of my experience I’ve had the privilege to manage groups and lead projects and I feel very lucky about that.